Friday, June 8, 2012


Arrived in Edale on Monday.Sheep everywhere.Walking up to the Nags
Head pub and a herd of sheep being moved down the middle of the road. Hiking's been hard these first 3 days. Buckle on waist strap broke,could find no internet that worked or a sim card,rain heavy for 2 days now,heel blisters. Other than that, the scenery is lovely. After last night's near hypothermia (space blanket yeah)wash out
I am recovering in a b&b and a trip to Hebdon bridge. Found some caribiners to Gerry-rig my waist buckle,plasters and the closest Boulder-like cafe with squash soup and a pot of tea.Also found a sim card for my phone and WiFi. Ive heard the first 4 days are the hardest walking.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My gear

This is all the gear I will be carrying on my walk. The Pennine way is the oldest long distance trail in England established around 1965. It' about 270 miles.I'm sure I'll be doing more looking for a camp spot, food, and the correct path when I get lost. I forgot to include my guide books and journal in the photo.