Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 2: Crowden to Standedge Wed. June 6 2012

The unopened waist belt buckle continues to be a detriment to my enjoyment. I encourage everyone at the hostel to give it a try at prying it open. Desperately we search the tool shed for plyers, and find a hammer. A wack sure does the trick but breaks one side prong. One measly piece of plastic now secures it. Stays shut, but I 'll have to bear the load on my shoulders.

Do I sense blisters? A note in my journal mentions "nice rain." Ha
The rain is spoiling my view,trudging over Laddow rocks. Amazingly, mountain bikers are out here lugging their bikes , hopping from rock to peaty rock. " Nice summer weather," they suggest.Thus begins the pattern of pouring rain and the delusional population along the Pennine Way.

Another pattern sets in; I get off trail every day. Somehow I end up entering upon a quite dreary looking village. Could have been Standedge. It's not like I come across villages within view of the trail all the time. My radar said "must get to village." Passing through a gate ( they are everywhere) an older man walking a sheepdog, ignoring the rain , sets me right on directions. Two or three miles uphill road walking is in store. I am beat, and even moan about it but the chap encourages with "oh you can do it!"

Thank god for pubs, especially the Best Western Inn. Not the hotel chain.
Chicken and chocolate cake are served, and I pitch my tent around back. I am the only camper.

I ask about the sheep and why it's not on the menu. Baby lambs are shipped to menus yielding higher prices.The pub's owner tells me the wool is burned- of too low a quality to use for anything.

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